DEWALT DCK211S2 Combo Kit Review

DeWalt DCK211S2 12 Volt Max  Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit Review

DEWALT is known as one of the best cordless power tool brands today and especially for their combo kits. The DEWALT DCK211S2 is a drill and impact driver combo that runs on 12-volt lithium-ion batteries. It is one of the higher priced items DEWALT has, but it also has some pretty awesome features that come with that price.

Features of the DEWALT DCK211S2 Combo Kit

• Multiple barrel-mounted LEDs that eliminate shadows
• Powerful 12-volt lithium-ion battery packs with 1.1 Ah
• Drill/driver has 15-position clutch and two-speed gearbox for precision
• Impact driver offers up to 79 inch-pounds of torque
• The DEWALT DCK211S2 has a three year limited warranty, one year free service contract

According to DEWALT the battery packs are quick-charging, and will have you back to work between 30 minutes to one hour. You can purchase extra batteries if you want continuous work while one is charging. When you purchase the DEWALT DCK211S2 you get the drill/driver, impact driver, two lithium-ion battery packs, charger, two belt clips, and a bag.

While gather information for this review we found over 40 customers who have tried the DEWALT DCK211S2 combo kitand their feedback was extremely good.

What People Are Saying About The DEWALT DCK211S2 Combo Kit

• “I’ve used ‘Skil’ and ‘Black & Decker’ tools for a long time. However, I am more impressed with the `DeWalt DCK211S2 Cordless Drill/Driver set. Compact and built tough, both of these drills have surpassed anything I’ve used in the past. The smaller size and LED lights make for easy use in small situations. The adjustable clutch Drill/Driver has a variable speed trigger switch meaning the harder you squeeze, the faster it rotates. It stops immediately upon release.”

• “The DeWalt DCK211S2 has the battery below the handle and so has a thinner handle. They are much better balanced and with a more ergonomic handle are much more comfortable to hold and use. As for power, they are almost as strong as my full-size 18v units! They are also stronger than any of the battery-in-the-handle units, and the DeWalt batteries hold a charge longer.”

• “The 12V max line has several unique features that I like: It has rubber bumpers on all sides. Clearly the DeWalt DCK211S2 was designed to work as a finish-work drill, since you can lay it on any side and not scratch a surface. Another smart design is the one-handed impact chuck, which will accept the longer 1/4″ hex bits as well as the 1″L x 1/4″W hex bits. One of the smartest designs is the flat battery pack, which allows the tool to stand upright, unlike the competitors’ 12V products. There are only two drawbacks I’ve found so far on the DeWalt DCK211S2, and I’m nit-picking: 1)There’s no bit holder or magnet. Its a feature I miss. A lot. 2)You can see some decline in DeWalt quality compared to their tools of 5 and 10 years ago. Nothing significant, just very small details. Its still a top of the line product.”

Customer remarks are paraphrased to save space.

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DEWALT DCK211S2 Combo Kit Review Summary

In summary, the DEWALT DCK211S2 combo kit is well liked by the majority of it’s customers. Out of all the reviews that were studied, only a couple of complaints were mentioned. One customer says the battery wiggle while in place and their old DEWALT cordless drill didn’t do that. Also they felt that the chuck sleeve is off balance and they don’t like that it is made of plastic.

DEWALT does offer a good warranty for people that may have gotten a product not up to their standards. All in all this review gives the DEWALT DCK211S2 Combo Kit a “thumbs up”.

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